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Thornburg, Steve & Phyllis

Updated: May 12, 2021

Pilot Co-Pilot

Steve Phyllis


Spunky Mandy


Tinker Toy Chocolate Charlie

1977 GMC Classic Palm Beach 26' 2002 Newmar Dutch Star 39'


We have been RVing for approximately 11 years, starting with a 1977GMC Classic Class A which we still have and use to participate in GMC Motorhome Club rallies.  About 3 years ago we added a 2002 Dutch Star which has become our main "over the road" machine.

We travel and camp with our two rescue dogs, Mandy and Spunky.

We are members of several motorhome clubs and we enjoy meeting people at rallies.

Phyllis is the current Treasurer of the Roving Wolverines and she is involved with Steve in administration of the Indiana Chapter of the Newmar Owner's Club.

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