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Petre, Lynn & Carol

Pilot: Co-Pilot:

Lynn Carol

Rig: Toad:

2005 Holiday Rambler Vacationer Equinox


We joined Roving Wolverines in May of 2017. Our coach is referred to as Papa's RV. We bought our first coach in the fall of 2016, it was a 2004 Gulf Stream Voyager. Then in the Summer of 2020 we moved up to a 2005 Holiday Ranbler Vacationer.

We love to travel and usually have a destination in mind, but wing it on pour way there. We like to Geocache together and we try doing some it everywhere we travel.

Carol's hobby is reading and Lynn's is always finding something that needs fixing. We have two married sons and two granddaughters. Next April we will be married 50 years. Life is good and we are truly blessed.

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