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Join Us and Share In Our Activities

Joining us is as simple as A+B+C:


(A) Choose your preferred work style:

Download and print the paper Application form in PDF format.

Download the editable Application Form in Microsoft WORD format.


(B) Fill out the pertinent information to describe yourself. After FMCA has provided their membership number, then you have all the info you need.


(C) Send an original and keep a copy.  

If you choose to complete the form on paper, then copy the completed form for your files.

If you choose to complete the form electronically, then print a copy for yourself or keep the electronic file.


Mail a completed form with your membership by check or money order (the details are on the Application). 


We can't wait to see you at our next event!!


You will receive membership stuff in return. Expect to find a member badge to wear at our outings.

Now that you are a new member, you need to create a site member account (login) to the Roving Wolverines' website.  This login will allow you access to all options of the website, including the "Member Only" information.   Go to RW Website New Member Access/Signup.






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