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Rapin, Ed and Gay

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Pilot: Edmund (Ed) Co-Pilot: Gay


Passengers: Miss Mabel - miniature schnauzer – is 5 years old.


Rig: 2014 Forest River 32-foot Class C (3051S) Tow: 2013 Fiat


Tidbits: We have been members of Roving Wolverines since June, 2016.

We have been RVing for over twenty years now. First started out with a trailer, then moved to a fifth wheel, and our last purchase is our currrent Class C (above). Ed’s hobbies include (amateur) photography and is a member in two photography clubs. Gay’s hobbies include cooking (and eating), sewing, and reading. We both love to travel with our doggie(s)!

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Well done.


Oct 05, 2020

Looking good

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