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2022 Summer Rally – Soaring Eagle Hideaway RV Resort

Monday July 18 – Thursday July 21

Hot, Hot, Hot!

The summer rally at Soaring Eagle Hideaway RV Resort was a blast. Literally. As in a blast furnace with temperatures topping out over 90-degrees every day with the requisite Michigan humidity. The heat had many of us searching for shade wherever we could find it. But despite the heat, I’m guessing all of us had a good time getting together for some food, fun and a lot of laughter. This was our first attempt at a light rally with no organized outings, but folks managed to find plenty to do in the area.

Monday afternoon gave way to happy hour and dinner out on our own. We ended up in 2 groups, 1 large and one small, and ventured out to Summit Smokehouse for BBQ and Los Palominos for Mexican cuisine. Folks came back from their dinners well satisfied. No campfires this week due to the heat, but we gathered back at the host for good conversation.

After breakfast on Tuesday, Lynn gave a presentation on geo-caching. It’s something I’ve been interested in for quite a while and would be a great outside activity to do with the grandkids. All you need is an app on your phone to help you work through individual scavenger hunts. Lynn mentioned that it is something he and Carol do wherever their travels take them and found it a great way to discover hidden gems in just about any location in the US and overseas.

For Tuesday’s happy hour and potluck dinner, we took cover under the pavilion and enjoyed a nice lake breeze and shade. It was a relaxing and comfortable evening. Kudos to the person who suggested taking shelter from the sun during our happy hour. After the business meeting concluded, we all gathered back at the host site for conversation and some shenanigans courtesy of Lynn and Carol. Lots of laughter occurred that night and everyone participated in their game.

Wednesday morning started off just a bit cooler due to a storm on Tuesday night and another brief morning rain shower stopped in plenty of time for us to enjoy a special breakfast of Belgian waffles with all the fixings, put on by Linda and George. George was deemed the master chef of waffle making that morning, with Linda providing sous chef services centered around strawberries, whip cream and pure maple syrup. No one went away hungry, and we are grateful for all the work that went into this delicious breakfast. Three of our members took off after breakfast for a kayak outing on the Chippewa River. They reported back that it was a relatively relaxing trip, but it wasn’t without some excitement as one member hit a rock and tipped over. All is well, no injuries and they all said they would love to do it again. Dinner was on our own again, but most folks ended up at Summit Smokehouse for their delicious BBQ. Back at the resort after dinner, the group enjoyed dessert night consisting of individual lemon cheesecake topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

Thursday was the last day of the rally. Continental style breakfast and leftover waffles for breakfast before everyone packed up to get on the road.

We had 11 rigs at the rally with 23 members.

Host & Author: Chris Dally


Photos submitted by Lynn Petre:

Drone Shots

Happy Hour!


Waffle Breakfast

Games - Big Surprise and Giggling

Braving the Chippewa River


Comments and Photos submitted by John Herthel:

Our Summer rally at Soaring Eagle Hideaway RV Resort has come to a close, we had a great time. Big thank you to Chris and Curt Dally for hosting this rally, well done!

It was a blast, kayaking down the Chippewa River, (Lynn and Terry) what a great time on Chippewa River.

The after dinner games were hilarious! Camping Cat, had a good time too.

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