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2020 Summer Rally at Shipshewana South Park

Updated: Jul 22, 2020


The Roving Wolverines 2020 Summer Rally was held at the Shipshewana South Park Campground, Shipshewana, IN, July 13 to 17. The rally was hosted by Phyllis and Steve Thornburg and Bill and Loretta Attridge. There was a total of 18 coaches with 35 attendees. Two couples were First Timers at Roving Wolverine rallies, Jim Buda & Marlene Krupicka and Paul & Diana Hugo. A guest couple, Bob & Linda Kennell, attended the rally and became Roving Wolverine members while they were there.

Monday evening, we had a bit of a social hour without much physical contact.

Tuesday morning, we suffered through a selection of “Rise n Roll” pastries for breakfast. The day was open for folks to visit the Shipshewana Flea Market or any of the other sites and attractions in the area.

Tuesday afternoon we travelled to LaGrange for dinner at Romer’s Restaurant (Great Food) where we were seated in a private room with plenty “social distancing” space. While we waited for our dinner, we had our Business Meeting led by President Lee.

Wednesday breakfast was pancakes and sausage cooked by Phyllis and scrambled eggs cooked by Bill. Of course, there were quick breads and bagels to accompany the hot foods. Again, Wednesday was available to visit the flea market, to shop the local stores and see the beautiful countryside. In the afternoon several ladies participated in a craft session of rock painting – a lot of talent in that group. Watch the club web site for pictures. Wednesday evening there was ice cream with lots of flavors and lots of toppings (and even pies) - a few banana splits were made.

Thursday breakfast was quick breads, bagels, muffins and bananas. Thursday morning, we made a trip to Middlebury to visit the Teaberry Woodcraft shop. They produce baskets and jigsaw puzzles that are cut from many species of woods using scroll saws and a bit of glue. Their products are beautiful. And, Thursday afternoon, Phyllis led a group discussion about cleaning products and techniques for our motorhomes. Many good ideas and product recommendations were shared. Later, more ice cream.

Friday send-off breakfast was bagels, English muffins and leftovers.

Although the week was hot and dry, we had a good time and a lot of fun seeing and visiting with friends, old and new. (By the way, we refrained from rioting and destroying public or private property – we were good kids).

Authored by: Steve & Phyllis Thornburg

Social Hour at the Hosts' Site

Breakfast at the clubhouse ... red/white/blue theme!


Teaberry Woodcraft Factory Tour


Craft Session of Rock Painting


Flea Market and Other Sights

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Great Rally and so much fun!!!

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