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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Welcome to the Member's Bio blog page. I will be managing this blog and creating the member's Biographies. I will start this off with my biography and that will be the "template" for the memberships Bios. Each bio will be sorted alphabetically.

I ask that you submit your information (as laid out here) to my new email address just for this blog.

Once you are viewing a Member's profile, you can click on a picture and then click on the open icon on top right of picture. This will open a larger picture and then you can browse left or right through the pictures using the arrows shown.

Pilot: Co-Pilot:

Jim Buda Marlene Krupicka


Mia Murphy

Rig: Toad:

2006 Holiday Rambler 30 foot 30PDD


Marlene and I have been RVing for about 5 years now. We started with a used 2004 Gulf Stream BTCruiser 29 feet. After about 2 years we sold that and move up to our 30 foot Holiday Rambler Class A. We have been to many states but not all. So far our favorite would be Vermont ... beautiful.

We have a couple of booths at two different Antique / Vintage stores and enjoy "picking" on our journeys. My hobby is woodworking so I also get ideas from these journey's and add to our booths.

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Such a great idea. Thank you for doing this. Profiles for the Dally’s coming soon.


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